WeCare, Inc

The purpose/mission of WeCare is to provide culturally-sensitive and consumer-driven care for individuals that have experienced mental health issues, substance abuse or a combination of co-occurring issues.  It is the goal of WeCare to help empower and build positive self-efficacy and self determination in their journey of recovery.​

WeCare, Inc. is a peer run recovery center.  In a peer run organization, the membership, or peers, have a say in how the organization is run.  At WeCare, they elect the Board of Directors, they alone can approve changes to the corporate bylaws and they have input into the type of support meetings and education that the center offers.

Also, in a peer run organization, each of the staff, like the membership, is in recovery from some or all of the conditions listed above.  This allows the staff to talk to and counsel the members from a viewpoint of lived experience.

WeCare is here to serve as a safe haven to support and encourage you as you experience your recovery journey.  As the only peer-run recovery center in Southside  Virginia, we believe that we can provide you with tools and skills to aid you in your recovery.  WeCare is here to complement other recovery tools and resources available in the community.  We hope you will enjoy your WeCare experience, grow with us and become more empowered.  We can’t do this alone, so come and be a part of the interaction and the socialization in a welcoming, home-like atmosphere with a recovery community that gives more than it asks.