WeCare means a lot of things to me.  It means peace of mind...and having people who care enough about you enough to get you on the right path and to keep you on that path.  WeCare also means family to me, because there's so much love in such a little place.  I am truly grateful for WeCare.   ~ A.M.  6/16

WeCare saved my life.  Five years ago I lost everything I had.  Now, thanks to WeCare and AA, my life has turned around.   ~ K.R.M. 6/16

WeCare has been a good place for me.  It has helped me all the times when I was down and upset and sad.  That's why I love WeCare.   ~ Anonymous  6/16

WeCare is just what the name says...We Care.  They care about your problems, your situation that you are in, and they care about your overall well being.  It is a good place to be a part of.  ~ D.M.  6/16

WeCare has done a lot for me.  It's kept me from going out there and looking for drugs...it's slowed me down a lot.  They've helped me out when I needed things like medicines, food, clothes and other items.  The name says it all:  WeCare, because they do.  ~ W.S. 4/17

Wecare has been a family to me when I've felt like I didn't have one...when my own family has turned their back on me.  They have helped provide for me when I couldn't provide for myself.  WeCare has given me hope.  ~ J.M. 4/17

WeCare has given me a place to go where I don't feel alone.  There are people here who share the same feelings as I have.  I've tried to fill a hole in my heart here and it's working, because I'm not using!  WeCare has been good to me.  ~ J.H. 4/17

WeCare lets me know that someone does care.  They helped me when I was at my lowest point and they have helped me to see a future with some hope in it.  I know now that I can make a change for the better.  ~ W.H. 4/17

WeCare has helped me through some of my toughest times.  They helped me through the death of my parents.  They helped me find a place to live when I was homeless.  They have given me the courage to hold on when things turn bad and they have done it all with love and support.  WeCare has been there when I needed them.  They rock!  ~ F.W. 4/17

WeCare has shown me things about myself that I hadn't seen before.  They have also shown me how to advocate for myself in many different situations and they have helped me obtain things that I need.  At WeCare, I feel free to both share my ideas with others and to help explain things to others.  WeCare has allowed me to spread my wings!  ~ V.P. 4/17

I can honestly say WeCare has saved my life.  Attending WeCare has helped me bring my family back to me and has kept me out of the hospital.  If I hadn't found WeCare, I probably wouldn't have been around to meet my three youngest grandchildren.  ~L.W. 4/17

​For me, WeCare is a place I can go where I feel the same as everyone else, not different.  WeCare helps me get to appointments and other places I need to be but otherwise couldn't get to.  The staff are very helpful and supportive.  WeCare gives me somewhere to be other than at home by myself, which could lead to a relapse!  ~ M.G. 4/17

​WeCare has helped me by allowing me to be around positive people that have been through the same things I have.  When I lost my grandmother in 2005, I felt alone and abandoned.  WeCare is important to me because of the family environment.  I now feel that I have found my purpose in life.  ~ O.S. 4/17

WeCare has helped me with a lot of things I couldn't help myself with.  The staff and members are all like family to me.  At WeCare, I feel needed and important and I can help others, all while feeling safe.  I love WeCare!  ~ R.Z. 4/17

WeCare and the members here accept me for who I am.  They do not judge others who are in active addiction like I used to be.  WeCare helps me with my depression and anxieties by giving me a place to go to be around others who may have some of the same issues I'm dealing with.  I enjoy the group activities and I appreciate the fact that the members trust me enough to elect me to a position on their leadership team.  ~ A.J. 4/17  



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